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Generating Diverse High-Fidelity Images with VQ-VAE-2


Jun 04 2019 Aäron van den Oord

VQVAE-2 finally out! Powerful autoregressive models in a hierarchical compressed latent space. No modes were collapsed in the creation of these samples ;) Arixv: With @catamorphist and @vinyals More samples and details 👇 [thread]
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Jun 04 2019 Oriol Vinyals

Surprising how simple ideas can yield such a good generative model! -Mean Squared Error loss on pixels -Non-autoregressive image decoder -Discrete latents w/ straight through estimator w/ @catamorphist & @avdnoord VQ-VAE-2: Code:
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Jun 28 2019 Oriol Vinyals

Great post by Prof. David McAllester on why discrete representations matter, based on our findings in VQ-VAE2. "Vector quantization seems to be a minimal-bias way for symbols to enter into deep models."
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Jun 04 2019 Ben Poole

Big hierarchical VQ-VAEs with autoregressive priors do amazing things. Awesome work from @catamorphist @avdnoord @OriolVinyalsML:
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Jun 04 2019 roadrunner01

Generating Diverse High-Fidelity Images with VQ-VAE-2 pdf: abs:
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Jun 04 2019 Gene Kogan

For most of the creatives/non-scientists out there, this may seem like just another BigGAN/StyleGAN, but this has important advantages: It's likelihood-based (can be evaluated formally), samples much faster, and should be superior in generator diversity. Really good stuff
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Jun 04 2019 Xander Steenbrugge

Generative Modelling space on fire! After Google's #BigGan and Nvidia's #StyleGAN we now finally have autoencoder based models that generate samples of equal/better? quality! The sample diversity is especially striking given that mode collapse has always been an issue for GANs.
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Jun 04 2019 Kyle McDonald

VAE-style networks have surpassed the quality of BigGAN and StyleGAN. i always knew they had it in them 🎉
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Jun 04 2019 Max Jaderberg

Insanely good samples from the latest incarnation of the VQVAE generative model
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Jun 06 2019 François Fleuret

Beside the quantitative evidences that they are more robust to mode collapse than GANs, their roots in "classical" density estimation make VAE more promising as a generic tool. We have "good enough classifiers" since 2015, maybe are we also good for density models...
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Jun 04 2019 Danilo J. Rezende

Great results on generative modelling from @catamorphist, @avdnoord and @OriolVinyalsML !
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Jun 04 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

VQ-VAE-2 improves VQ-VAE by using1) hierarchical latent variables 2) a prior distribution that matches the marginal posterior using an auto-regressive model with self-attention; achieving diverse and high-fidelity image generation.
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Jun 04 2019 d00d

VAE based image generation with quality comparable to GAN generated images, but more variety and faster sampling...
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Jun 04 2019 Kaixhin

I love this mix between very general (autoregressively-decoded discrete sequences), general (hierarchical structure) and specific (local spatial structure) priors to model complex distributions in the real world 🌏
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Jun 18 2019 Alex Nichol

The VQ-VAE-2 paper is hilariously vague. E.g. "It consists of a few residual blocks followed by a number of strided transposed convolutions". (Paper:
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Jul 29 2019 René Schulte

Impressive new step for generated images. The below photos are all synthesized by an AI 👌 Instead of a GAN they use a Vector Quantized Variational AutoEncoder (VQ-VAE) which makes it easier to handle and much faster. 🚀 #AI #DeepLearning #ML #DNN
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Sep 30 2019 Alex J. Champandard

2/ At this stage, we know it's possible to generate HD images with many/most techniques. NVIDIA built StyleGAN, OpenAI developed GLOW, DeepMind created VQVAE, etc. Everyone has their favorite! 🐕 .
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Sep 30 2019 Alex J. Champandard

6/ The idea of working in a smaller and coarser space is not new. It's what made GANs scale to 1024x1024 in the first place (progressive growing) and it's the idea that helped VQVAE catch up.
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Jun 05 2019 Kyle Kastner

@selimonder This paper (along with a few others recently such as , are exploiting the multi-scale structure inherent in audio and images. That kind of structure is much harder to get *easily* in language - dependency which may not be local
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Jul 01 2019 Seth Stafford

THIS: "The . shift from symbolic logic . to distributed vector representations is . viewed as [a] cornerstone of . deep learning . I . believe . logical symbolic reasoning is necessary for AGI. Vector quantization seems . a minimal-bias way for symbols to enter . deep models."
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