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Edward Grefenstette: Happy to announce our paper on Generalized Inner Loop Meta Learning, aka Gimli (, with @brandondamos, @denisyarats, Phu Mon Htut, Artem Molchanov, Franziska Meier, @douwekiela, @kchonyc, and @soumithchintala. THREAD [1/6]

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Edward Grefenstette: In parallel with this paper, @facebookai has released higher, a library for bypassing limitations to taking higher-order gradients over an optimization process. Library: Docs: Contributions very welcome.

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higher: ∂Hello/∂World! This is the dev team for higher, a @PyTorch library by @facebookAI which facilitates the implementation of gradient-based meta-learning algorithms. Code: PyPi: Docs:

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Andrei Bursuc: MAML(s) for the masses: a new pytorch library for implementing existing and developing new meta-learning algos The source papers features a pedagogical description of inner loop meta-learning algos

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Miles Brundage: "Generalized Inner Loop Meta-Learning," @egrefen et al.:

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Ethan Rosenthal: Lots of fun things you can do with this, like in the referenced paper ( where the authors let the learning rate be a free parameter and then optimize it.

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Edward Grefenstette: To enable this work, and other in this area, we released a library (higher) and described the general form of such meta-learning approaches with colleagues at @facebookai (9/16)

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PDF content of a computer science paper: GENERALIZED INNER LOOP META-LEARNING