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Flood & Loot: A Systemic Attack On The Lightning Network


Aviv Zohar: Flood & Loot: our paper evaluating a systemic attack on the #LightningNetwork is now online. With @realJonaHarris. tldr: attack many victims at once and steal money from channels in the ensuing chaos Medium post: Full Paper:

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No Bullshit Bitcoin: Flood & Loot: A Systemic Attack On The Lightning Network > attacker forces many victims at once to flood the blockchain with claims for their funds. He is then able to leverage the congestion that they create... Blog: Paper:

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Nano Seagull ⋰·⋰: Yet another attack vector discovered for the #LightningNetwork. The more moving parts your system has, the more probable is that it will break down.

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Nikita Zhavoronkov: That’s because Lightning on top of 1 MB blocks is a fundamentally flawed centralized concept. If some of the “big hubs” start to misbehave, honest users simply won’t have enough block space and time to fix that.

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aaron: #LightningNetwork is a house of cards that solves nothing and introduces new attack vectors. #bitcoin is BSV

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Seth Simmons: New attack (and paper on it!) published today against the #LightningNetwork Certainly thankful that this type of research is published. This seems pretty dangerous for the core function of LN today, so I’ll be curious to see what the response is.

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t-bast: Great paper, well researched and catching up to latest lightning development:

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Itay Tsabary: A cool work about attacking Lightning network's HTLCs. Mitigation #5: MAD-HTLC 👍

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QuantContrarian🏚🛢: #LightningNetwork vulnerability discovered; lets #cybercriminals jack your Sats w/ a systemic attack on the protocol 📌Research paper👇 📌Forbes article👇 #cryptocurrency #crypto #CyberSecurity #infosec #investing #bitcoin #BTC

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Oded Leiba: Use #LightningNetwork to defeat the synchrony assumption of #LightningNetwork.

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Tal Be'ery: A simple and effective attack against #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork Attackers steal money from victims intermediate hops, by violating the protocol's rules + preventing the victims from penalizing attackers via a pre-stored Tx, by congesting the network until timeout expires

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if (BTC.IsSoV) {Titanic.IsStoreOfPassengers=true};: @noah_mingus @HoofleDoofle @Silver_Watchdog Computer Science > Cryptography and Security arXiv:2006.08513 (cs) [Submitted on 15 Jun 2020 (v1), last revised 27 Aug 2020 (this version, v4)] Flood & Loot: A Systemic Attack On The Lightning Network Jona Harris, Aviv Zohar

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加納ˢᵛ: @MyLegacyKit @BitcoinPeterS @therebelpath @kurtwuckertjr @garyvee @roryhighside @RealCoinGeek @ZachNad @twetchapp @tonicpow @BitpingApp BSV literally solves micro payments, you know, the thing lightning is trying to re-solve and is failing miserably... Flood & Loot Attack Time Dilation & Eclipse Attack Congestion Attack

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if (BTC.IsSoV) {Titanic.IsStoreOfPassengers=true};: @tofeeornottofee @hype2win Lightning is insecure anyway. It's certainly no future global financial network.

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$Reina Nakamoto 🕊: That’s why Satoshi invented bitcoin, not lightning network :/

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if (BTC.IsSoV) {Titanic.IsStoreOfPassengers=true};: @mikew3456 @RookieXBT It's not a waste of time to warn people away from the "not-a-Ponzi-but-as-close-to-one-as-makes-no-difference" ur-Shitcoin #Bitcoin $BTC. The second layers do not share Bitcoin's security, but have their own security (and scaling) problems.

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if (BTC.IsSoV) {Titanic.IsStoreOfPassengers=true};: @jp_koning @LNJunkies A recent "Flood and Loot" attack vector was revealed, which is made easier whenever Bitcoin mainchain approaches capacity. I'm no cryptographer, so I'm open to correction, but it appears to me that it has no mitigation even possible at protocol level.

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Found on Jun 28 2020 at

PDF content of a computer science paper: Flood & Loot: A Systemic Attack On The Lightning Network