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Fault-Tolerant Operation of a QuantumError-Correction Code


Kenneth Brown: The @bacon-@PeterShor1 code project has been a great collaboration with Chris Monroe's group @JQInews and my group @DukeEngineering @DukePhysics @GTCSE. It is an amazing experiment with excellent control over 13 ions in a chain of 15 ions. Here is a thread about the theory. 1/n

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David Meyer: Egan, @DriptoDebroy, Noel, Risinger, Zhu, Biswas, Newman, Li, @kenbrownquantum, Cetina & Monroe, Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Quantum Error-Correction Code "we experimentally demonstrate...a logical qubit encoded in the 9-qubit @dabacon-@PeterShor1 code"

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Guillaume Verdon: Woah. 🤯 FTQC/QECC theorists rejoice! Demonstration of a fault-tolerant application of a logical gate in a quantum code subspace. It's real! 🤩

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Ion busters: Everyone welcome the #LogicalQubit (achieved with #TrappedIons nonetheless). The paper shows that the logical qubit's coherence exceeds that of individual ones. An incredible experimental achievement by @JQInews including @crystalMIT13 @kenbrownquantum.

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Mete Atature: And the logical qubit has finally arrived! “Fault-Tolerant Operation of a Quantum Error-Correction Code”

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James Wootton @ home: In a talk a few days ago, I said that this milestone had not yet been reached but would be soon. Little did I know how soon!

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Robert Niffenegger Ph.D.: Wow, trapped ions are really starting to run away with this QC thing... FT Operation of a QEC - Amazing! @crystalMIT13 @kenbrownquantum Shout out to @M_Labs_Ltd ARTIQ. No way you could tune these gates with (*horrified look*) labview!

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holevo bound boy: So, I’ve been seeing a lot of people attribute this paper to IonQ - thank you but this was Duke and JQI, not us! We take a lot of inspiration from their system but ultimately this achievement belongs to them.

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Abe Asfaw: Wow

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Tom Wong: A significant step toward fault-tolerant quantum computing. Experimental demonstration of an error correcting code using trapped ions.

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Steven Touzard: Excellent work on (traditional) quantum error correction !

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QRL: The Quantum Resistant Ledger: Congratulations to Egan L, @DriptoDebroy, @crystalMIT13, Andrew R, Daiwei Z, Debopriyo B, Michael N, Muyuan L, @kenbrownquantum, Marko C, and Christopher M for their recent paper making significant strides towards error corrected quantum computing.

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M-Labs: Another great experiment controlled by ARTIQ:

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NΩ⚛Name🍺: "These results show that fault-tolerant QC systems are currently capable of logical primitives with error rates lower than their constituent parts. With the future addition of intermediate measurements, the full power of scalable quantum error-correction can be achieved" Hedge👇

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QRAvalanche: First demonstration of a logical qubit? Then, a major milestone for #quantumcomputer

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Brendan Reid: "With the future addition of intermediate measurements, the full power of scalable quantum error-correction can be achieved." Results like this make me think the 5-10 year timeline for useful QCs is more than achievable.

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Aziza Suleymanzade: “In this work, we have demonstrated high-fidelity operation of a logical qubit capable of correcting any single-qubit errors.” Fault tolerant error correction code with 9 qubits using ions! Looks pretty dope

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