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Experience Grounds Language


Ari Holtzman: "You can't learn language from the radio." 📻 Why does NLP keep trying to? In we argue that physical and social grounding are key because, no matter the architecture, text-only learning doesn't have access to what language is *about* and what it *does*.

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Ari Holtzman: We’ll be presenting an updated and expanded version of “Experience Grounds Language” at EMNLP 2020! We’ve greatly appreciated all the conversations both here on Twitter and in individual meetings.

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Mark Riedl | I stand with international students: Is there something in the water in the AI community? A strong theme of questioning “understanding” in AI systems: 1. @MelMitchell1 2. @emilymbender 3. @ybisk @_jessethomason_ 4. Me

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Adam Santoro: "Experience Grounds Language" Some really nice thoughts on language grounding! I'm totally on board with this agenda, though I do have a few minor quibbles:

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Jay Alammar: I've been thinking that Tesla is potentially the world's most exciting NLP company. The next breakthroughs in massive language models are likely to come from perception and embodiment ( Telling you car "Hey Tesla, follow that car" is, like, GPT5. 1/n

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David Schlangen: This looks like an interesting paper! It's a bit of an indictment of our field that this relatively obvious fact needs to be made again and again, but on the other hand the fact that it is being made more often recently is a good sign perhaps.

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Fabian Offert: Must-read from #NLP essentially doing #DH's job. Also echoes many conversations on "meaning" I had in the past year, with @alanyliu, @Peter_Bell77, and others.

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Pierre-Yves Oudeyer: On the topic of grounding language in action and social context, the work and roadmap made 10 years ago in development robotics (Italk EU project) is still fully relevant for #AI, #NPL and #DeepRL. Turn off the radio and go explore the world :)

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arXiv CS-CL: Experience Grounds Language

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Laura Graesser: Happy to see this. In the words of Terry Winograd & Fernando Flores: "Language and cognition are fundamentally social. Maturana, Gadamer, and Heidegger all argue that our ability to think and give meaning to language is rooted in our participation in a society and a tradition."

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ALife Papers: Experience Grounds Language " we consider work on the contextual foundations of language: grounding, embodiment, and social interaction. [...] history and possible progression of how contextual information can factor into our representations"

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Steffen Christensen: Want to understand what #GPT3 is doing? Check out the links in this awesome thread! #AI #semanticAI #governance #econ /c @supergovernance @ArmineYalnizyan

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Rowan Zellers: Neat opinion piece + framework about the limitations of NLP today -- and what we should do next

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MT Group at FBK: Our pick of the week: Bisk et al. #emnlp2020 paper "Experience Grounds Language". By @BeatriceSavoldi #nlproc @ybisk @universeinanegg @_jessethomason_ @jacobandreas @aggielaz @jonathanmay @npinto @turian

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Giosuè Baggio: NLP/AI rediscovers/reworks old ideas about “grounding, embodiment, and social interaction”—perhaps they will succeed where philosophy and psychology have failed… ‘Experience Grounds Language’, by @ybisk et al. @arxiv

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BeatriceSavoldi: In the GPT-3 hype, let's revisit the differences between human language understanding and current NLU systems in the paper: "Experience Grounds Language" Spoiler alert: the authors put forward some exciting ideas for future research @fbk_mt

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Felix Hill: Great work now updated

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Ari Holtzman: @yoavgo Agreed! I think our theme paper got rejected for being a bit less safe (, so I think that's information towards the shape of the filter, though of course there's noise/other possible objections to our work.

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Seth Stafford: Fun and informative chat with @emilymbender on TWiML with @samcharrington ! She recommended this impressive manifesto on the essential role of sensory experience/action in grounding language. The rhetorical salvo below (pic) is an apt summary.

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Dr Catherine Breslin: Experience grounds language - Language understanding ought to be related to the “physical world it describes and to the social interactions it facilitates”

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Jordi Armengol: Thought experiment: you find large text documents from an alien civilization. Somehow, you manage to discretize/tokenize the raw input and use it to train a SOTA language model. Yet, you don’t understand a thing of the alien language (nor does the language model). #grounding

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