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Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers


Hanxiao Liu: New paper: Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers. We use evolution to design new layers called EvoNorms, which outperform BatchNorm-ReLU on many tasks. A promising use of AutoML to discover fundamental ML building blocks. Joint work with @DeepMind

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hardmaru: List of papers about automating improvements for deep learning: • better architectures from known building blocks • better activation functions • better learning rules than sgd/adam • better data augmentation strategies • better loss functions • better normalization layers

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Quoc Le: Cool results from our collaboration with colleagues at @DeepMind on searching for new layers as alternatives for BatchNorm-ReLU. Excited with the potential use of AutoML for discovering novel ML concepts from low level primitives.

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Raphael Meudec: Spent the weekend on implementing EvoNorm S0 and B0 with @TensorFlow 2.0 and running some ResNet18 trainings over CIFAR 10 & 100. 💻 Code available here : 📈 TensorBoard (w/ and w/o data aug) 📝 Paper:

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Jeff Dean (@🏡): Some nice work from @Hanxiao_6 Andrew Brock Karen Simonyan and @quocleix (joint work between @GoogleAI and @DeepMind) on evolving new normalization techniques that outperform batchnorm on a variety of tasks. Evolution is the new norm!

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Diganta Misra ツ: Recently @GoogleAI and @DeepMind released a paper shortly called EvoNorm (Paper Link - I tried implementing it on @PyTorch. GitHub Link -

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Thang Luong: Nice ideas of using (a) multiple architectures in the search objective for generalization & (b) a light weight proxy task on CIFAR-10 but rerank final candidates with ImageNet. EvoNorm seems to work pretty well across batch sizes! by @Hanxiao_6, @quocleix, & @DeepMind colleagues.

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roadrunner01: Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers pdf: abs:

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Xander Steenbrugge: @_brohrer_ There's a new drop-in TF layer from Google Brain / DeepMind that broadly outperforms BN and has an online variant. Paper: Great explainer video by @labs_henry:

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Daisuke Okanohara: Optimal normalization-activation layers are searched with multi-objective evolution. Found EvoNorm-B0 uses the normalization by the max of batch/instance variances and no activation. EvoNorm-S0 (no batch dependencies) is similar to GN+Swish.

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Lavanya 🦋: 📜 The Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers paper by @Hanxiao_6 et all – 👩‍🔬 Interactive @weights_biases report with results – 👩‍💻 Github repo to reproduce results –

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Sayak Paul: Thanks to @CShorten30 for his awesome video on the paper and I definitely recommend checking it out: Link to the original paper: @GoogleAI @GoogleDevsIN @GoogleDevExpert 5/5

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LDV Capital: Great thought, @charlesxjyang21! Another #autoML paper evaluated on the same set of benchmarks – #ImageNet & #CIFAR is acceptable as long they still pose a difficult/ relevant problem

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Shanqing Cai: Nice use of the new Graphs support of to show the computation graph underlying EvoNorm!

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arXiv CS-CV: Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers

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Weights & Biases: Experimental summary of my implementation of EvoNorm layers proposed in 📕Read: ✍️Code: #MachineLearning #DeepLearning

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👨‍🔬👨‍💻 Fabien Tarrade 💥🚀: Excellent video from @ykilcher on"Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers" This is about this paper by @Hanxiao_6, Andrew Brock, Karen Simonyan and Quoc V. Le

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OGAWA, Tadashi: => NAS (AutoML), Google Accelerator-aware NAS, Mar 5, 2020 BigNAS, Mar 24 EvoNorms: Evolving Normalization-Activation Layers, Apr 28 MobileDets, Apr 30 NAS 2020

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OGAWA, Tadashi: => "AutoML at Google and Future Directions", Quoc V. Le, Google, Invited, ICLR WS on Neural Architecture Search, Apr 26, 2020 AutoML-Zero, Mar 6 2020 Song Han, IEEE Micro, Jan/Feb 2020

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