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Energy-based Out-of-distribution Detection


Sharon Y. Li: Suffering from overconfident softmax scores? Time to use energy scores! Excited to release our NeurIPS paper on "Energy-based Out-of-distribution Detection", a theoretically motivated framework for OOD detection. 1/n Paper: (w/ code included)

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Yann LeCun: Energy-Based Models FTW.

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will grathwohl: hot shit alert 🔥

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Yanshuai Cao: Such a simple idea on such an old problem, I'm surprised nobody has tried this before ...

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Noel Codella, Ph.D.: A simple but effective approach for OOD detection. Being able to detect OOD data is critical for many applications. I hope to see more work in this space. #MachineLearning

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Energy-based Out-of-distribution Detection