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EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection


Nov 22 2019 Quoc Le

EfficientDet: a new family of efficient object detectors. It is based on EfficientNet, and many times more efficient than state of art models. Link: Code: coming soon
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Nov 21 2019 Tomasz Malisiewicz

EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection. A new family of object detectors that achieves an order-of-magnitude better efficiency than prior art. +Large scale experiments from Google Brain #computervision #Robotics
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Nov 22 2019 Mingxing Tan

Excited to share our work on efficient neural architectures for object detection! New state-of-the-art accuracy (51 mAP on COCO for single-model single-scale), with an order-of-magnitude better efficiency! Collaborated with @quocleix and @ruomingpang.
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Nov 22 2019 Aakash Kumar Nain

I will be writing a blog post explaining this amazing paper but only after next week. I am on a break right now.
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Nov 22 2019 hiroto

EfficientDet has two new features: EfficientNet backbone and BiFPN. It's quite helpful the paper shows the separate contribution of them. Res50 + FPN (standard RetinaNet) : 37.0 mAP EfficientNet B3 + FPN : 40.3 mAP from:
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Nov 21 2019 phalanx

EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection
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Nov 21 2019 Karol Majek, PhD

EfficientDet (red one) is much faster and better than other SoA object detection nets!
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Feb 12 2020 Carlo Lepelaars

Reading the Noisy Student and EfficientDet papers. @quocleix and the other researchers made a big breakthrough with EfficientNet and now we are reaping the benefits of these more efficient models. 😎 Noisy Student: EfficientDet:
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Nov 21 2019 Andrew Davison

Looks worth checking out... More efficient object detection.
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Nov 25 2019 akira High-speed and high-accuracy object detection network, EfficientDet ,with search space like EfficientNet and BiFPN, kind of Feature Pyramid Network that flows information from both high and low resolutions. It achieve SOTA but about 10 times faster.
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Nov 22 2019 Ajay Tanwani

Using bidirectional feature pyramid network for object detection with surprisingly faster convergence
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Nov 30 2019 Daisuke Okanohara

EfficientDet achieves efficient and accurate object detection by 1) using EfficientNet as a backbone 2) BiFPN based on PANet 3) scaling depth, channel, parameters jointly (as EfficientNet). Current networks seem still far from the optimum yet.
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Nov 21 2019 arXiv CS-CV

EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection
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Nov 21 2019 Rosinality
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Nov 22 2019 Umberto Michelucci

Have to read the paper...
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Nov 21 2019 Brundage Bot

EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection. Mingxing Tan, Ruoming Pang, and Quoc V. Le
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