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Efficient Transformers: A Survey


Yi Tay: Inspired by the dizzying number of efficient Transformers ("x-formers") models that are coming out lately, we wrote a survey paper to organize all this information. Check it out at Joint work with @m__dehghani @dara_bahri and @metzlerd. @GoogleAI 😀😃

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hardmaru: Finally, a paper that summarizes the recent improvements that make the Transformer much more efficient!

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Oriol Vinyals: Very nice to see this done! Also, this is clearly a busy research area, so try to think "outside of the box" -- or "outside of the circles" : ) #xformers

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elvis: This year we have been seeing a variety of works introducing techniques for improving Transformers and making them more computational and memory efficient. This recent survey paper highlights some notable ideas like Reformer and Longformer, among others.

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Grady Booch: Someday, somewhere, somebody is going to write the classic book "Design Patterns for Neural Networks". Will it be you?

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Mostafa Dehghani: If you're looking into applying transformers on large inputs (e.g. long documents, images, videos, etc), or if you are working on a new variant of efficient transformers, this should give you a nice overview of the existing works.

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Thang Luong: Great survey given an influx of papers these days! Works listed seem to be more about "efficient self-attention". One could include another level of category that improves Transformer architecture as a whole, e.g., Funnel-Transformer (not my work though!)

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AmsterdamNLP: Super-useful review of efficient transformer models, by a team from GoogleAI and GoogleBrain including Amsterdam's @m__dehghani

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MT Group at FBK: Our pick of the week: Yi Tay et al. paper "Efficient Transformers: A Survey". By @sarapapi #nlproc #machinelearning @ytay017 @m__dehghani @dara_bahri @metzlerd @GoogleAI

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Tsun-Yi Yang 楊存毅 🇹🇼🏳️‍🌈: Efficient transformer survey: a good paper for covering the existing models

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Computólogo: This is gold..

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Sara Papi: An interesting survey about transformers on current trends, including the so-called "X-Formers" like the Longformer. The paper defines a taxonomy based on computation and memory efficiency @fbk_mt

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Rodrigo Rivera-Castro: The popularity of Transformer architectures is through the roof! Almost weekly, new literature appears. Surveys such as the one below bring more clarity. I wish the authors would have included benchmarks to better compare these architectures beyond their complexity and class.

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Marek Bardoński: If you are a confused researcher here is a great paper that will explain and characterise a large and thoughtful selection of recent efficiency-flavored “X-former” models.

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Robert Oschler: @Merzmensch

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Efficient Transformers: A Survey