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Dec 04 2019 Danijar Hafner

We introduce Dreamer, an RL agent that solves long-horizon tasks from images purely by latent imagination inside a world model. Dreamer improves over existing methods across 20 tasks. paper code Thread 👇
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Dec 04 2019 hardmaru

Dream to Control: Learning Behaviors by Latent Imagination The agent learns a latent world model via interactions, and backprops thru imagined latent trajectories of this model to learn useful behaviors. @danijarh et al. pdf code
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Dec 04 2019 roadrunner01

Dream to Control: Learning Behaviors by Latent Imagination pdf: abs: project page: github: videos:
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Dec 05 2019 Animesh Garg

Nice work on model learning from @danijarh continuing his line of work on planet Planet ... Dreamer....hmm 😁
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Dec 04 2019 Shane Gu

Yet another excellent work on visual model-based RL from @danijarh. Excellent results showing how different design choices (e.g. gradient, GAE, contrastive vs reconstruction) lead to changes in performance.
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Dec 11 2019 Nikolai Rozanov

I had a dream... Muzero, now dreaming, pretty cool work - thanks for continuing to be original. @danijarh @DeepMindAI
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Dec 04 2019 Brundage Bot

Dream to Control: Learning Behaviors by Latent Imagination. Danijar Hafner, Timothy Lillicrap, Jimmy Ba, and Mohammad Norouzi
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