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Differentiable Rendering: A Survey


Shohei Hido: A survey paper on differentiable rendering - based on the collaboration between Toyota Research Institute, TRI-AD, and Preferred Networks!

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Daisuke Okanohara: A survey on differentiable rendering by PFN, TRI-AD, and TRI, covering data representations (mesh, voxel, point cloud, NN implicit rep.), libraries (TF Graphics, Kaolin, Pytorch3D, Mitsuba2), and applications (object/human reconstruction, etc.).

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arXiv CS-GR: Differentiable Rendering: A Survey

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Adrien Gaidon: You can also check out our recent survey on Differentiable Rendering: Congrats to the team & our collaborators @Karttikeya_m Kuan @eadeli @wadimkehl Andreas @wolfram_burgard @StanfordASL @PreferredNet @TRIAD_Global @ToyotaResearch... More links/info soon!

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akira: A survey of the Differentiable Rendering. It outlines the advantages and disadvantages of typical tasks (Mesh, Voxel, Point Cloud, Implicit) and describes how to evaluate them and where to use them.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Differentiable Rendering: A Survey