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Defending Against Neural Fake News


May 30 2019 Miles Brundage

Important paper from Zellers et al. - "Defending Against Neural Fake News": Great to see more technical work on this topic, as well as further discussion of appropriate language model publication norms.
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May 30 2019 Rowan Zellers

Today, we're sharing insights on how to defend against Neural Fake News, AI-written disinformation that looks like real news.🕵️‍♀️🛡️ Joint with @universeinanegg @hjrashkin @ybisk Ali Farhadi @franziroesner & @YejinChoinka at @uwcse + @allen_ai. thread 1/4
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Jun 06 2019 Thomas Wolf

If you want a sneek-peek in @YejinChoinka, @rown and co-workers work on GROVER (a 1.5 billion param GPT-2-like model), check this live tweet 👇 Interesting hints, results, and analysis! Paper: Demo:
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May 30 2019 Thomas Lahore

This paper makes me think the coming struggle to detect fake news will be an arms race between the sizes of the models used to do generation vs those doing the detection. The model they use is GPT-2 sized (1.5B), btw. Defending Against Neural Fake News
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Jul 01 2019 Rachael Tatman

Time to pick the next @kaggle reading group paper! Your options: - XLNet: Generalized Autoregressive Pretraining for NLU - Defending Against Neural Fake News (Grover) - EfficientNet: Model Scaling for CNNs
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Jun 06 2019 NeuralGen Workshop

Now on with Yejin Choi's talk (@YejinChoinka) on language generation, fake news, large scale models & decoding: The Enigma of Neural Text Degeneration as the First Defense Against Neural Fake News Live tweet by @Tuhin66978276: #neuralgen2019 #naacl2019
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Jun 06 2019 Dejan Strbad

In order to fight #fakeNews we need #fakeNews generators to train #NeuralNetworks #INFOWARS Recommended read, and limited #PoC
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May 30 2019 Carlo

Interesting paper 📝 about auto-generated Fake News. 👿 How to defend from these algorithms? Use the same algos to capture the fake content... #FakeNews #AI #AIethics #MachineLearning
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May 31 2019 Kuo-Hao Zeng

Very cool (and even scary 😱) fake news generator by @rown. Check out their demo:
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Jun 02 2019 hipbonegamer

Algo claims to make & detect fake news - “Counterintuitively, the best defense against Grover turns out to be Grover itself, with 92% accuracy.” Ouroboros! - AI in a neat loop? I'm tentative on this, await independent verification @intelwire @barbarikon
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May 30 2019 helen

sometimes i stay up too late and find myself on Twitter for no good reason and wind up on the machine learning section of the arXiv but i think i'm okay with that, here's the most interesting one so far, on ML for discerning fake news
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Jun 09 2019 9eyedeel
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May 31 2019 Matthew Kenney

Reading: Defending Against Neural Fake News
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May 30 2019 Brundage Bot

Defending Against Neural Fake News. Rowan Zellers, Ari Holtzman, Hannah Rashkin, Yonatan Bisk, Ali Farhadi, Franziska Roesner, and Yejin Choi
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