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Nov 22 2019 Adam J Calhoun

Can a neuroscientist understand a virtual rodent? Authors took a realistic 3D animal, trained deep RL to control it during tasks, and then used neuroscience techniques to peak inside this animal... [Josh Merel, Diego Aldorando, Greg Wayne, @BOlveczky]
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Nov 22 2019 Adam J Calhoun

sorry how could I forget to include this video of the wacky virtual rodent playing around
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Nov 23 2019 Adam J Calhoun

I would actually like to see a 302-neuron version of this (I can't find out how many units are in this architecture, but I assume fewer). Could a neuroscientist understand a 302-neuron artificial C. elegans?
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Nov 22 2019 Diego Aldarondo

Happy to share this work! We built a model of a rodent, trained it to solve four tasks, and used methods common in neuroscience to study how the rodent controls its body. @Jessedmarshall, Josh Merel, Yuval Tassa, Greg Wayne and @BOlveczky
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Nov 30 2019 ALife Papers

Deep neuroethology of a virtual rodent "Using methods familiar to neuroscientists, we describe the behavioral representations and algorithms employed by different layers of the network"
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Nov 23 2019 calc-mode user

Anyone designed a radio using deep RL yet?
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Nov 22 2019 Petar

I love this
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Feb 02 2020 Nathaniel Eliot

We are probably months from robopsychology as a field. I'm not really sure if it's "months until" or "months since", to be quite honest.
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Nov 23 2019 Lana Sinapayen

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Nov 22 2019 Katy

This looks a lot like a better-funded version of Bamzooki 🤔
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Nov 25 2019 Sabera Talukder

Yet another way to explore ties between #MachineLearning, #DeepLearning, and Neuroscience! Check out a virtual rodent perform motor tasks with corresponding non-biological neural activity 🧠 Paper from @DiegoAldarondo @jessedmarshall @BOlveczky & more:
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Nov 22 2019 Andrew Pruszynski

"Deep neuroethology of a virtual rodent"
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