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Sep 26 2019 Ilya Sutskever

Really enjoyed the (non OpenAI) ICLR submission that trained a transformer on symbolic math. The surprise: it beat Mathematica on symbolic integration and diff eq solving by a _very_ big margin!
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Sep 26 2019 Erik Bernhardsson

This paper uses seq2seq to do symbolic integrals by training it on (f’(x), f(x)) pairs and it’s such an obviously great idea that I wish I thought of first! I can’t be the only one having that feeling.
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Sep 27 2019 Christian Szegedy

Approximate mathematical reasoning is possible in the latent space alone. We created semantic embedding of formulas and performed complicated multi-step reasoning on them, then we compared it with the symbolic results:
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Sep 27 2019 algoritmic

Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics #math
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Sep 26 2019 Hacker News

Deep Learning for Symbolic Mathematics
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Nov 03 2019 Stephen Diehl

This is one of the wilder applications I've seen for deep learning. Page 8: "This suggest that some deeper understanding of [differential equation] mathematics has been achieved by the model."
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Sep 27 2019 P. Oscar Boykin

What I like about this is that it feels like how people solve inverse problems: use ✨intuition✨ to guess a solution, then check that it is correct (and maybe apply a delta to solve rest). Seems like this paper show how to implement a computer algebra system to do that.
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Sep 26 2019 Timothy Gowers

Trying to decide where this appears on the spectrum that runs from quite amusing at one end to game changer at the other. At a first glance it seems pretty impressive.
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Sep 26 2019 Xander Steenbrugge

This is brilliant & absolutely stunning! After all these years of Deep Learning I'm still amazed at what a neural net can do when you provide the right input representations & throw stupendous amounts of computation at it... 😲👏
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Oct 02 2019 Cam DP

This but for deconvolution problems, too.
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Sep 26 2019 Eclipse DL4J

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Sep 27 2019 Barney Pell

Wow! Deep learning performing much better than symbolic math solvers.
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Sep 26 2019 Peter Bloem

With just 6 layers. You could probably fit the whole model in 12Gb of GPU memory.
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Sep 26 2019 Melanie Mitchell

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Sep 26 2019 mats-erik pistol, the man in the middle.

For a while I thought it was April 1st. Transformer networks beat Mathematica by a large margin when doing symbolic integration and finding solutions to differential equations. The singularity is near:
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