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Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence


Shakir Mohamed: Excited to share a new paper on Decolonisation and AI. With the amazing @png_marie @wsisaac 🤩 we explore why Decolonial theory matters for our field, and tactics to decolonise and reshape our field into a Decolonial AI. Feedback please 🙏🏾 Thread 👇🏾

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William Isaac: 🚨New paper alert!!🚨 So proud and excited to say that my paper with @shakir_za and @png_marie on decolonisation and AI is now finally available!!

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Timnit Gebru: Join us tomorrow (Saturday) from 17:00-19:00 GMT for an informal @black_in_ai social at @icmlconf where we'll have a meet and greet and be in conversation with @shakir_za and @png_marie on Decolonizing AI (read their paper

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Eva: I am extremely here for this academic paper, which applies post-colonial and decolonial critical theories to AI. I'm basically just reading it while occasionally yelling "Preach! Power dynamics matter!"

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Suresh: Top AI researchers take power and critical theory more seriously than most social scientists.

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Karen Hao: Finally had a chance to read @wsisaac, @png_marie, and @shakir_za's paper on Decolonial AI and honestly so excited to see such a clear articulation of concepts & ideas that had been floating around shapelessly in my head. Read their brilliant work.

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Iason Gabriel: Fantastic new paper on post-colonial theory and the ethics (and future) of artificial intelligence: Congratulations @shakir_za 🔥 @png_marie 🔥 and @wsisaac 🔥

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Mark O. Riedl: A call for anticolonialism in AI from DeepMind. I’m glad this paper was written, and by a group that gets a lot of attention. I hope they walk the walk and that others take this seriously as well arxiv:

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Ada Lovelace Institute: "Deciding what counts as valid knowledge, what is included within a dataset, and what is ignored and unquestioned, is a form of power held by AI researchers that cannot be left unacknowledged." Important new paper on Decolonisation and AI by @shakir_za, @png_marie, @wsisaac

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Piotr Mirowski | pro-science & anti-fascist: Humbled by this extraordinarily interdisciplinary scholarship by @shakir_za, @png_marie & @wsisaac, addressing such varied issues as predictive policing, ghost work, beta testing on underprivileged communities, power imbalance, solutionism... Recommended reading for AI scientists

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Timnit Gebru: ALSO, we will also discuss @databoydg's paper on Combatting Anti-Blackness in the AI community: Bring art/poetry/music as suggested by @shakir_za too.

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Zara Rahman: Fantastic new work by @shakir_za @png_marie @wsisaac using postcolonial and decolonial theories to suggest critical improvements to the field of AI research and practice:

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Irene Solaiman: Amazing and *necessary* paper. It’s easier to recognize territorial aspects of colonization. Structural effects are so complex, I learned about my ~own~ history and heritage reading this! Please give this a read--it affects you whether you spell it decolonize or decolonise;)

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Christian Franz: You are a rockstar #AI-developer? Or a tech policy maker? This is a paper for you on what it means to build AI-systems/-policies that avoid algorithmic oppression, algorithmic exploitation, algorithmic dispossession., @wsisaac, @shakir_za, @CarlaHustedt

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Zoubin Ghahramani: It’s important to understand and mitigate the negative power dynamics of Al and other decision-making software systems. Our applications of software are shaped by history and society. Excited to see this paper out.

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J. Nathan Matias: Encouraged to see more scholars connect postcolonial theory to tech. Nine years ago when I started my PhD, I quickly learned that CS wasn't interested in or even able to see that part of my expertise. Now that's changing.

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Rachel Coldicutt: This is a better link to the one I tweeted yesterday - links directly to the full paper and all the contributors are tagged. Thank you for this work; in the UK right now, we need to amplify this *to the max* as we hurtle headlong into data-driven government.

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Karen Hao: Thank you to @shakir_za, @png_marie, and @wsisaac for their illuminating paper "Decolonial AI" and the time they spent talking to me! Their original paper is here.

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aknvictor: This is a mind-expanding, beautifully written paper emphasizing the importance of decolonial thinking in understanding and shaping the ongoing advances in AI.

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Vafa Ghazavi: Excited to see this in the world: 'Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence' Big congratulations to these three stars (and dear friends) @shakir_za 🔥 @png_marie 🔥 @wsisaac 🔥

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Andrew Strait: 🚨cool🚨paper🚨klaxon🚨noises🚨 Down with decolonial theory? A fan of foresight? Check out this amazing paper on "Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence" from the amazing @shakir_za @png_marie and @wsisaac

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Juan Mateos Garcia: Decolonial AI: I finally read this important paper where @shakir_za, @png_marie and @wsisaac connect many of today's AI ethical horrors with long histories of oppression, exploitation and dispossession.

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Alexa Hagerty: Crucial paper, read it! "emerging technologies like AI are directly subject to coloniality" @png_marie @wsisaac @shakir_za

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Rapha Gontijo Lopes 🌹 🏴 @ 🏠: This is an incredible read throughout. Worth the time of everyone doing AI research. “”Actual”” and otherwise!

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Lindiwe Malobola: A must-read! Thank you for sharing @shakir_za 😁

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Joanna J Bryson: Haven't read this yet, but RT out of interest. I worry about "colonial" aspects of digital technology (removing raw resource / data, globally broadcasting expertise), whilst also believing ICT hugely equalises & part of the 21C (pre pandemic) precipitous drop in #extremePoverty.

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NBYR: Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory asSociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence Shakir Mohamed · Marie-Therese Png · William Isaac @disnovation @audelau @AntonioCasilli @wmmna @inthedadabase @davidbenque @bitnk @arouvroy

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Tharindi H: Glad this important work is now available, hoping it energises a much needed discussion

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Sabrina J. Mielke: Motivating a "decolonial" take on AI Ethics: "fusing the fields of [AI] and decolonial theories [...] to develop new tools of foresight and practice" "The decolonial imperative asks for a move from attitudes of technological benevolence and paternalism towards solidarity." 1/2

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People of Creativity: Over the weekend we read this 🔥 paper on using decolonial theory as a tool to develop ethical #AI. This is 💯 a must-read by @shakir_za @png_marie @wsisaac

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pak-hang wong 黃柏恒: Much needed reflection of AI, esp. from within by AI researchers.

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tabitha goldstaub: So important to read this. I have already learn a huge amount just from the thread and summary! #decolonizeAI

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Marlena Wisniak: "Decolonial AI" by @png_marie @wsisaac @shakir_za at

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Samson Ootoovak: I haven't read this yet but my interest is piqued! cc/ @mahelona @N3rdyByN4ture @Daniel_Nikpayuk

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Saɓɛ́lo -- Ukungazi kufana lokufa.: Exciting paper, the timing is impeccable.

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Peaks Krafft: @beccalew @oiioxford @katejsim Thanks! :) Another exciting piece of student work was this one -- @png_marie also inspired me to frame a module around racial capitalism. And @NayanaPrakash1 and Cindy Ma's work on decolonizing the curricula at OII have also been very influential to me!

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Stuart Watt: I’d never claim competence in critical or post-colonial theories (I’m working on that), but much of the AI ed tech I’ve worked on, was substantially influenced by Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed. This approach will help make AI better for everyone.👇

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Meg Davis (aka Sara): This looks like a real breakthrough. Adding to the weekend reading list! @KeneEsom @MalecheAllan @MichaelPodmore @rico_gustav @tweetingtony @gioasempre @Akarshtweets @IlonaKickbusch

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STEMM MIT CSAIL AI in Healthcare Summit 2020: @png_marie, @shakir_za, and @wsisaac argue for the decolonisation of #AI. They highlight issues in the development of AI and propose three key techniques to develop decolonial AI. Read their full paper at: #AIethics #philosophy #technology

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Cassie Robinson 🏳️‍🌈: So important. Well done all. "AI's technical advancement will reshape modern societies and their relations." Another piece of evidence as to why funders need to better understand tech and its implications. Especially those committed to anti-racist work.

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Hanoi Hantrakul: @moih @sinhadeb A deep dive on Decolonial AI can be found in this paper by one of my colleagues @png_ma

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Jevan Hutson: "Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence" by @shakir_za, @png_marie, & @wsisaac can be found here:

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Ali Syed: This paper @shakir_za, Marie-Therese Png, William Isaac by explores the important role of critical science, and in particular of post-colonial and decolonial theories, in understanding and shaping the ongoing advances in #ArtificialIntelligence

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Ivana Bartoletti: A critical science approach is necessary as ethics in AI means that we recognise the hierarchies, philosophy and technology inherited from the past, and commit to a renewed responsibility to the technology of the present. Everyone should read: FIN

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Mr Chappell Learning: Just found this, a massive read very helpful. But I need to summarise these thoughts in 100 words for my secondary school computer science students; not a light undertaking. #BAME #decolonialisation #coloniality #AI #ML #ComputerScience #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning

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Joel Walsh: "This paper explores the important role of critical science, and in particular of post-colonial and decolonial theories, in understanding and shaping the ongoing advances in artificial intelligence" Deepmind X Oxford. This is a big deal #MachineLearning

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Victoria Heath 👩🏼‍💻👩🏼‍🎨👩🏼‍🚀: "The phenomenon of ghost work, the invisible #data labor required to support #AI innovation, neatly extends the historical economic relationship between colonizer and colonized." Must read this paper:

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Will Griffin: Research: "... it (is) incumbent upon AI communities to strengthen the social contract through ethical foresight...ultimately supporting future technologies that enable greater well-being..," @DeepMind @hypergiant #TomorrowingToday #Ethics=Trust

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Ashok Khosla: Great paper - worth reflection

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SJ Photography: This is an interesting outlook often overlooked in this field. Decolonial AI will enable a perishing phase of the dystopian world in the future.

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/Fay-lee-nuh/: Amazing work on decolonizing AI!

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Patrice Le Foll: "The coloniality of power can be observed in digital structures in the form of socio-cultural imaginations, knowledge systems, and ways of developing and using technology which are based on systems, institutions,and values that persist from the past and remain unquestioned" #AI

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AIEthica: Very interesting perspective - post-colonial or decolonial - on AI ethics. Could potentially be a powerful approach in the future #AIEthics #ArtificialIntelligence

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Decolonial AI: Decolonial Theory as Sociotechnical Foresight in Artificial Intelligence