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Cubic Stylization


Oct 08 2019 roadrunner01

Cubic Stylization pdf: abs: project page:
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Oct 08 2019 Janelle Shane

Siri, show me a paper that sits right on the line between "absolutely adorable" and "absolutely frightening"
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Oct 17 2019 Morgan McGuire

The winner for cutest research paper I read this week goes to Liu & Jacobson
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Oct 23 2019 Károly Zsolnai-Fehér

This paper is absolutely incredible. Playful, elegant, easy to read, and provides a very general system by controlling the regularization term. Not an ounce more complex than necessary. Kinda feel like implementing it. I would love to see more papers like this. Beautiful work.
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Nov 02 2019 Thomas Sanladerer

Interesting paper about "cubification" of 3D models from @Cornell University. But I see plenty of references to previous publications, yet no credit for the models they use straight from Thingiverse. I'm seing models from @3DPProfessor, @morenap3d etc. 😕
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Oct 17 2019 Károly Zsolnai-Fehér

Yup! And the methodology of this paper is something else. Absolutely amazing. We'll make a video on it soon-ish.
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