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Consistent Video Depth Estimation


roadrunner01: Consistent Video Depth Estimation pdf: abs: project page: video:

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Jia-Bin Huang @ #ICLR2020: Check out our #SIGGRAPH2020 paper on Consistent Video Depth Estimation. Our geometrically consistent depth enables cool video effects to a whole new level! Video: Paper: Project page:

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Reza Zadeh: Depth estimation keeps getting better and better. This one: reconstructing dense, geometrically consistent depth for all pixels in a monocular video. Makes for some fun effects.

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HCI Research: Consistent Video Depth Estimation @siggraph 2020 #SIGGRAPH Paper: Code/Project:

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Xuan Luo: Excited to share our work "Consistent Video Depth Estimation" @siggraph 2020! Checkout our video Joint work with @jbhuang0604, Rick Szeliski, Kevin Matzen and Johannes Kopf. Project: Video: arXiv:

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HCI Research: Consistent Video Depth Estimation #SIGGRAPH2020

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Andrew Davison: Nice multi-view monocular 3D. Not read properly yet, but seems another great example of training a network at test time, rather than forward-passes plus multi-view optimisation. I assume NERF could similarly be used for high quality AR. How do we make all this stuff real-time?

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Tim Field: Cool effects, but their 4 sec video clip would take your phone 5 days to compute.

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PatricioGonzalezVivo: So excited to see this video finally out! Early this year I helped making it together with @JPKopf @diosmiodio @oceanquigley

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Theodore Watson: Wow. This is a huge leap forward for depth from RGB. NN estimated but then feeding back projection errors into the training. Via @UnitZeroOne

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Big Data and AI Toronto: "Consistent Video Depth Estimation" uses a single video input to generate high quality depth maps CC: @xsteenbrugge @John_O_Really @ericjang11 @hardmaru @SpirosMargaris @DrJDrooghaag @Nicochan33 @sebbourguignon @mvollmer1 @Fabriziobustama #AI #ML #DL

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Noah Snavely: These depth maps look amazing! Nice work, @XuanLuo14 and co-authors!

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JJ 「cιtιƶεɳƒιvε」 🏴‍☠️: the improvement over the work which came before is staggering

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Soumyadip Sengupta: Great result :)

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/\/\ \/\/: For years depth from photos has been a recurring problem for CG art & motion, this new AI algorithm basically eliminates the issue! #AI 🤩 👏🏼

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DAC at Virginia Tech: Jia-Bin Huang, @VT_DAC faculty, shares collaborative #SIGGRAPH2020 paper and related youtube video about reconstructing dense, geometrically consistent depth for all pixels in a monocular video. The input is just a hand-held captured cell phone video. @jbhuang0604 @VT_ECE

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Elliott Round: Impressive work !

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