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Cognitive Triaging of Phishing Attacks


Apr 30 2019 Luca

Upcoming at @USENIXSecurity 2019 "Cognitive Triaging of Phishing Attacks". Extremely proud supervisor of Amber v.d. Heijden; this is her MSc thesis work (!) @TUeindhoven (@TUe_MCS) Paper available shortly, stay tuned!
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May 31 2019 Luca

the @USENIXSecurity program is out, and it looks amazing! Final version of our paper "Cognitive Triaging of Phishing Attacks" here 👉 see you there, esp. if you want to chat about interdisciplinary takes on phishing!
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May 07 2019 Luca

paper available here (pre-print): See thread below for an overview 👇
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May 07 2019 Alexandre Dulaunoy

"Cognitive Triaging of Phishing Attacks" to prioritize the take-down of phishing having a higher chance to succeed based on the response rate of the targets. A practical use of cognitive vulnerability measurement, well done.
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Jun 06 2019 Jason Trost

Cognitive Triaging of Phishing Attacks via @USENIXSecurity
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May 10 2019 Arrigo Triulzi

A. van der Hejden and L. Allodi, “Cognitive Triaging of Phishing Attacks” […quantitative measurements of cognitive vulnerability triggers in phishing emails… shows an effective triaging mechanism for phishing success can be put in place…]
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Jun 05 2019 Luca

@agentofuser @daniel_bilar Anything that relates to previous decisions the victim (almost certainly) took. Fictitious shared experience can also work. In the paper there are a few examples, see table 1 and sec 3.2
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