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Nov 26 2019 Wouter van Amsterdam

Bernhard Scholkopf (@bschoelkopf) just published a single author paper titled "Causality for Machine Learning" (; this should probably at the top of the reading list for many people interested in machine learning / AI; @yudapearl @eliasbareinboim
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Nov 26 2019 Judea Pearl

A very comprehensive, delightful and inspiring paper. Recommended to ALL, not just MANY ML/AI folks. Note also that @bschoelkopf does not perceive me as "polarizing the field" as suggested by @ylecun here: SCM unifies, invites and educates. #Bookofwhy
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Nov 26 2019 Eric Topol

A big problem with #AI is that it hasn't read and couldn't understand @yudapearl's Book of Why. This easy to understand essay by @bschoelkopf (and inspired by Pearl) takes us through the gaps in ML thinking and reasoning, cause and effect @MPI_IS
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Nov 26 2019 Anirudh Goyal

This is probably the most succinct summary of various ways in which causality could be useful for machine learning by @bschoelkopf Highly recommended.
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Nov 26 2019 ML Review

Causality for Machine Learning By @bschoelkopf Mostly non-technical intro to key causal models and how they can contribute to resolving open ML problems like generalization across domains or "thinking" (i.e., acting in an imagined space)
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Nov 26 2019 Judea Pearl

There's much truth to what you're saying. The idea that there are theoretical impediments to ML methods is hard for ML folks to internalize.And repeated assurances that causal inference is just one aspect of what ML has been doing all along do not encourage them to try.#Bookofwhy
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Nov 27 2019 Kyle Cranmer

Bernhard Scholkopf (@bschoelkopf) will be speaking at our #NeurIPS2019 workshop on Machine Learning for Physical Sciences
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Nov 26 2019 KordingLab

Scholkopf on how Pearl style causality is starting to touch machine learning. H/T @danilobzdok
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Nov 26 2019 Kostas Kamnitsas

Causality for Machine Learning. Tubingen at it again. (Keeps surprising me how such a small place gave rise to such a great research group. I keep wondering what's the recipe. @MPI_IS )
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Dec 14 2019 Amit Sharma

Appropos Bengio's talk at #neurips19, here's a great summary on applying causal reasoning for machine learning problems like generalization and adversarial robustness by @bschoelkopf #causalML
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Jan 02 2020 e-Katerina Vylomova

@zacharylipton Also, enjoyed reading Schölkopf's recent paper on Causality for ML: (and "The Book of Why" by Judea Pearl and Dana MacKenzie)
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Dec 10 2019 Italian Association for Machine Learning

Great review on causality in machine learning by @bschoelkopf :
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Dec 02 2019 Eric Topol

@pradeu Agree, Thomas. Casuality can't be emphasized enough. @yudapearl's book is my favorite source. And it's now coming up with #AI (that it can't)
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Nov 29 2019 Aaron Snoswell (薛嘉伦)

Today's #MachineLearning paper is @bschoelkopf's recent philosophical essay 'Causality for Machine Learning' ( Given an unlabelled scatter plot in arbitrary units, can you tell if X causes Y? Y causes X? There is a common unobserved causal factor? 1/3
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Nov 27 2019 Paul S. Conyngham

Causality for Machine learning! read it at 👇
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Nov 30 2019 Pawan Sasanka Ammanamanchi Causality in Machine Learning.
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Nov 26 2019 Juan Arévalo

A must read. The connection between #causality and #MachineLearning by @bschoelkopf
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Nov 26 2019 Nasim

A primer on the emerging connections between Causal Inference and Machine Learning, by @bschoelkopf:
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Nov 28 2019 Thread Reader App

@IntuitMachine Guten tag, you can read it here: Thread by @IntuitMachine: High time to read: "Causality for Machine Learning"… by Bernhard… See you soon. 🤖
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Nov 28 2019 Complex Human

Causality for Machine Learning
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Nov 26 2019 Danilo Bzdok

@KordingLab @TheColeLab @sweichwald @f2harrell
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