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CamemBERT: a Tasty French Language Model


Sebastian Ruder: Transfer learning is increasingly going multilingual with language-specific BERT models: - 🇩🇪 German BERT - 🇫🇷 CamemBERT, FlauBERT - 🇮🇹 AlBERTo - 🇳🇱 RobBERT

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Hugging Face: You can now find most of them here:

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Jay Alammar جهاد العمار: Somebody please make AraBERT happen!

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Julien Velcin: Between CamemBERT ( and FlauBERT (, which one will win the race? Anyway thank you for working on French-oriented NLP resources, and well done for finding such interesting names! #nlp #deeplearning #bert

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PDF content of a computer science paper: CamemBERT: a Tasty French Language Model