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Building Fast Fuzzers


Rahul Gopinath: Announcing the world’s fastest (grammar) fuzzer, producing millions of test cases per second: Try out our F1 prototype at

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Brandon Falk: Gonna start a new series on my Twitch ( called "Paper Review". Tonight (undetermined stream time) we're gonna look through the "Building Fast Fuzzers" paper, which is the "worlds fastest grammar fuzzer"

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Rohan Padhye: Really cool stuff! Key insight: A grammar-based fuzzer is essentially an interpreter for a random bitstream in the language of grammar symbols. F1 applies tricks from VM-land such as supercompilation and context threading to get massive speedups in input generation.

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Binni Shah: Building Fast Fuzzers : (pdf)

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Andreas Zeller: And here comes our “world’s fastest fuzzier”, just announced at #FacebookTAV minutes ago. F1 compiles a grammar into a super-optimized producer; if you need megabytes of valid inputs per second, F1 is there for you. Kudos to @_rahulgopinath!

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Brandon Falk: People caring about perf in fuzzing <3

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FuzzingBook: Soon to be a chapter of @FuzzingBook!

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Jean Yang ✨: Super cool. I used to be skeptical about blackbox testing because I had a real thing for precisely modeling the semantics of everything, but if you accept that real software is an unknowable mystery, then this is really The Way.

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/r/netsec: Building Fast Fuzzers

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Murmus: I love this idea. Having knowledgeable people reading public papers on stream sounds great. I'd also love it for crypto stuff, or other areas I really don't know well enough to talk to.

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Nicolas Krassas: Building Fast Fuzzers

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James Willy: It's good theoretical support for fuzzing. #fuzzing #analysis #develop

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Building Fast Fuzzers