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Blockchain is Watching You: Profiling and Deanonymizing Ethereum Users


vitalik.eth: Analysis on deanonymizing @TornadoCash transactions: Good to see these analyses starting to happen so we can keep improving our privacy tech!

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Seres István András: Blockchain is Watching You: Profiling and Deanonymizing Ethereum Users🧐👀 Joint work with @ferencberes91,@BenczurAndras,@badcryptobitch How private is Ethereum? Why should you care? Thread/👇

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Haseeb Qureshi: Chilling paper on how to deanonymize Ethereum mixer users by @badcryptobitch et al. In short, mixer users are leaking entropy by: 1. transacting at the same times of day 2. using consistent gas prices (whether manual or by wallet algos) 3. address reuse

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Péter Szilágyi: I haven't read the paper yet, but these kinds of papers are super important for the #Ethereum ecosystem. We all like to talk about out achievements and how far we've come, but it's equally important to recognize and talk about our current weaknesses.

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Aaron Wright: Blockchain tech is far from private. Great research exploring lack of privacy on Ethereum: That’s why projects like @TornadoCash are important. Financial privacy is a norm, today, and without technical enhancements, we may lose it as blockchains scale

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Howard Chu: All transparent blockchains are fundamentally flawed and unfit for use. Funny how long it's taking people to realize this, but at least some people are finally noticing.

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🌪️ 🌪️: Great research on the level of privacy! It educates users on how to keep your privacy

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Frank Topbottom: Currently, there are 1312 unique addresses that deposited 0.1 ETH into Tornado. Of these, 112 made at least 5 deposits. In addition, the number of addresses can be reduced by using heuristics from this paper: It will be cool if someone takes a look at it.

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HOPR | hoprnet.eth: Privacy on Ethereum is not as easy as it may seem, even with @TornadoCash Your dapp usage or gas pricing might leak enough metadata to deanonymize you But Ethereum also does not provide network-level privacy to protect the origin of your tx. HOPR fixes that. #privacy #ethereum

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zooko: What's most exciting about the future? Holmes: network-layer privacy. The Zcash team seems committed to leading on that. (BTW, this new research that just came out is relevant:

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gonchs.eth: Profiling and Deanonymizing Ethereum Users

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zero address #z2z 🦓🦾🦓: "Blockchain is Watching You: Profiling and Deanonymizing #Ethereum Users" #z2z #zcash

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Steven: Highly recommend this recently published paper on Ethereum privacy and profiling users as your weekend read.

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Vortex ⚡🌊: TLDR; #Ethereum doesn't care much about privacy when it's trivial to deanonymize tens of thousands of users.

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Duke Leto: Looks like the season of de-anonymization papers! Profiling and Deanonymizing $ETH Users by @badcryptobitch and others look like a fun read. And yeah, blockchain is watching you. Ethereum has no privacy.

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weijie.eth: Many of the mixer deanonymising attacks in this paper can be avoided by following these best practices:

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PDF content of a computer science paper: Blockchain is Watching You: Profiling and Deanonymizing Ethereum Users