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Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks


Xavier Bresson: New paper on benchmarking graph neural networks w/ @vijaypradwi @chaitjo T. Laurent and Y. Bengio Our goal was to identify trends and good building blocks for GNNs.

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Xavier Bresson: Excited to release a major update of our project "Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks" Paper: GitHub: 1/

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Chaitanya Joshi: **Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks**! Fortunate to have been part of this effort, with @vijaypradwi, @xbresson, Thomas Laurent (LMU), & Yoshua Bengio (@MILAMontreal). PDF: Code: #GraphNeuralNetworks #DeepLearning

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Yann LeCun: Graph neural net benchmarks with repo.

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Thomas Kipf: Exciting new work on benchmarks for graph neural nets

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DeepGraphLibrary: Awesome new benchmarks for GNNs by NTU Graph Deep Learning Lab!! Datasets from computer vision, bioinformatics to combinatorial optimization. A great test field for new models. Powered by DGL!

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Chaitanya Joshi: @huggingface @slashML Also, for those new to Graph Deep Learning/GNNs, you'll find our new paper useful for building intuitions.

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Vijay Dwivedi: Paper on 'Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks' with @chaitjo, @xbresson, Thomas Laurent, and Yoshua Bengio released now.

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elvis: This is so cool! If you are into GNNs, here is the provided framework for benchmarking GNNs -- it's aimed at reproducibility.

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Simone Scardapane: @paolo_galeone @A_K_Nain Random suggestions below. :-) 3/x 5. Recent benchmarks highlighting some challenges: or 6. If you are interested in theory (e.g., expressivity): 7. Definitely check out videos here:

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OGAWA, Tadashi: => "Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks", Invited, ICML workshop on Graph Representation Learning and Beyond, Jul 17, 2020 32:41 Slides arXiv, Jul 3 Dec 4, 2019

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