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At the Interface of Algebra and Statistics


Tai-Danae Bradley: My PhD thesis “At the Interface of Algebra and Statistics” is now on the arXiv! It uses basic tools in quantum physics to explore mathematical structure that's both algebraic & statistical. Curious? See my new 10m video on YouTube!!

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Bartosz Milewski: Very interesting combination of quantum physics, linguistics, and category theory. I wonder: if we start discussing Tai-Danae's thesis on twitter, will "orange ideas" eventually become a thing?

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Sean J. Taylor: I wish I were a fraction as good at explaining complex ideas as Tai-Danae. She has an amazing gift, I'm looking forward to checking out her thesis. This blog post from last year transformed how I think about matrices: (don't miss the sequel to that post!)

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ProfGhristMath: This is a very nicely done math video; good work; gentle, tasteful style; a refreshing change from the typical YouTube math vid.

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Jo Boaler: Beautiful

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Konrad Hinsen: I have never seen a teaser for a PhD thesis before, but the idea is great. And this one is amazing.

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Constanza Rojas-Molina: a teaser for a PhD on a very interesting subject!! Loved it!!

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Dominic: Everyone should read @math3ma's PhD thesis regardless less of your scientific background. It is a masterpiece in expository writing!

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Willie Boag: This is an incredible explanation for the lay audience!

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Tai-Danae Bradley: Background: I once made a 10min trailer video of my PhD thesis, which investigated mathematical structure that’s both algebraic and statistical. The video ended in a cliff-hanger, and this new paper picks up where the video left off!

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Pui Shee Lee: One of the most beautiful and creative thesis introductions that I've ever seen!

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Juan Sebastian Lozano: Everything I see from @math3ma is incredible, but this especially. These are ideas that, as an applied statistics person who loves the language and power of algebra, are fascinating, and I can't wait to read more about them.

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Tai-Danae Bradley: @coecke @bgavran3 @_julesh_ Wow! Some of this looks related to ch 5 of my thesis, which also discusses nuclei and the "linear algebra version" of formal concept analysis:

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Mathieu Besançon: Best medium to disseminate one's thesis I've seen so far!

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FFelicis97: This thesis looks like a fun read! And such insanely cool and informative illustrations. We need more illustrations in academia!! Mathematically verbose research papers without fun figures are hella depressing.

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Sjoerd 슕 Visscher: Is this useful? I don't know! The complete code is here: And the two papers are “At the Interface of Algebra and Statistics" (the PhD thesis of @math3ma) and "The nucleus: Mining concepts from adjunctions"

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Khoa Vu: Every JMP should come with a short explanatory video like this. That's it. That's the tweet.

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Shadab Khan: We need more communicators of science like her!👇

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Nitin Borwankar: Wow! Just wow!

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Popular ML resources: The most popular ArXiv tweet in the last 24h:

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Bobson Wong: Wow. #mtbos #iteachmath

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