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An introduction to state-space modeling of ecological time series


Marie Auger-Méthé: Want to learn how to fit and validate #statespacemodels ? A team of great co-authors (@vianey_lb @len_thom +) and I put this review together: The appendix is full of R code to help you fit models to your data.

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Dr Gavin Simpson 🇪🇺: This looks like a exceptionally useful guide for anyone in #ecology working with time series. Comes with loads of #rstats code too! An introduction to state-space modelling of ecological time series (@AugerMethe et al, inc @vianey_lb @len_thom)

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Ian Jonsen: I hastily retweeted this yesterday but now I’ve skimmed through the preprint. Congrats to @AugerMethe @vianey_lb @len_thom et al.! I predict this will quickly become the must-have guide for using SSMs in ecology and related fields. Well done 👏👏

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Trevor Caughlin: yes, this review of state-space models lives up to the hype: I loved learning that SSM were used in the Apollo flights! And great examples from fisheries, animal movement and others @vianey_lb @AugerMethe @len_thom

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Christine Stawitz: Another great resource by @AugerMethe ; check out her paper on mathematical notation in ecology while you're at it!

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arxiv: An introduction to state-space modeling of ecological time series.

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Maxwell Joseph 🍩: @bt_mcclintock @RolandLangrock @oaggimenez @david_borchers @richard_glennie This paper plus this recent review of state-space models ( by @AugerMethe, @vianey_lb, @len_thom and others makes for an embarrassment of riches for quantitative ecology nerds this month 🥂

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Christina Buelow: State-space time-series models using frequentist or bayesian #rstats ping @turschwell @bluecology @m_frassl

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Devin Johnson: Looks like a great resource for SSM modeling!

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Mark Mallory: I guess this is better than printing off a graph and holding it up against a window while holding a ruler? :) @AugerMethe @DJYurkowski

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Sophie Bestley: Hey @mpred_lab check out this new SSM guide! 😍

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NinaGerber: Looking forward to reading this review about SSMs and how to fit them with #Rstats

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Paul Robinson: Nice review, by statistical ecologists, for ecologists, with R code. What more could you ask for :)

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Jose M. Fariñas-Franco🇪🇺🦁: Time series data can be messy and getting the #rstats script right to do what you want tricky. Any help is always handy.

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PDF content of a computer science paper: An introduction to state-space modeling of ecological time series