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Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning


Dec 17 2019 Jeff Dean

Nice comprehensive look at the state of federated learning research, including an overview of advances in the last three years (since in 2016), as well as a nice overview of open problems in the area. 105 pages, 485 references!
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Dec 13 2019 Blaise Aguera

Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning: from 22 Googlers and 36 academics at 24 institutions! (a) improving efficiency, (b) preserving privacy, (c) defending against attacks, (c) addressing fairness. Here’s to years of future progress on these :)
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Dec 13 2019 Prateek Mittal

New paper on "Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning", together with 58 co-authors from 25 institutions:
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Dec 13 2019 Gautam Kamath ✈️ #NeurIPS2019

Very cool -- a thorough manifesto on the current state of federated learning! ( Led by @KairouzPeter and Brendan McMahan. Just in time for today's workshop on federated learning! #NeurIPS2019
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Dec 12 2019 Mathieu Galtier

This is an impressive milestones in federated learning. A 100p papier by most influencers in the field! Thanks for paving the way for @Substra_org and @OWKINscience
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Jan 14 2020 Karl Higley

This (excellent) 110 page survey paper on advances and open problems in federated learning never mentions the notoriously difficult distributed garbage collection problem. 😧🥺
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Dec 13 2019 Rasmus Pagh

"Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning", incl. discussion of efficiency, privacy, fairness. Available as thanks to great editorial work by Brendan McMahan and @KairouzPeter. It was fun to contribute a small part to this 58-author paper!
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Dec 12 2019 MehdiBen

Interested in recent advances and open problems of federated learning; Check this out:
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Dec 14 2019 Underfox

In this paper is presented a very comprehensive survey on the many open challenges in the federated learning area, discussing recent advances and presenting an extensive collection of open problems and challenges. #MachineLearning
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