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Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning


Jeff Dean: Nice comprehensive look at the state of federated learning research, including an overview of advances in the last three years (since in 2016), as well as a nice overview of open problems in the area. 105 pages, 485 references!

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Blaise Aguera: Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning: from 22 Googlers and 36 academics at 24 institutions! (a) improving efficiency, (b) preserving privacy, (c) defending against attacks, (c) addressing fairness. Here’s to years of future progress on these :)

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Peter Kairouz: More than 1000 papers on Federated Learning were published in the first 6 months of 2020, compared to just 180 in all 2018! If you want to learn more about recent advances and open challenges in the field, please check our recent manuscript:!! 🙌

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Prateek Mittal: New paper on "Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning", together with 58 co-authors from 25 institutions:

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Gautam Kamath ✈️ #NeurIPS2019: Very cool -- a thorough manifesto on the current state of federated learning! ( Led by @KairouzPeter and Brendan McMahan. Just in time for today's workshop on federated learning! #NeurIPS2019

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Mathieu Galtier: This is an impressive milestones in federated learning. A 100p papier by most influencers in the field! Thanks for paving the way for @Substra_org and @OWKINscience

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Karl Higley: This (excellent) 110 page survey paper on advances and open problems in federated learning never mentions the notoriously difficult distributed garbage collection problem. 😧🥺

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Rasmus Pagh: "Advances and Open Problems in Federated Learning", incl. discussion of efficiency, privacy, fairness. Available as thanks to great editorial work by Brendan McMahan and @KairouzPeter. It was fun to contribute a small part to this 58-author paper!

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MehdiBen: Interested in recent advances and open problems of federated learning; Check this out:

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Underfox: In this paper is presented a very comprehensive survey on the many open challenges in the federated learning area, discussing recent advances and presenting an extensive collection of open problems and challenges. #MachineLearning

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