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A Framework for Data-Driven Robotics


DeepMind: In our new work, we propose a framework for humans teaching robots to accomplish tasks using visual inputs:

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Nando de Freitas: Data-Driven Robotics: Enabling humans to easily teach robots new behaviours, and applying RL to the robots' continually growing database of real experiences to learn new policies, end-to-end, from pixels, and without simulation or having to run the robot at all.

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Serkan Cabi: How can robots learn from humans and their own experience to manipulate objects using vision? Here is our take on the problem:

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Feryal: Very cool work from our group! It was impressive seeing the robot in action! Great work by @serkancabi, Sergio Gomez, @SashaVNovikov, @ks_konyushkova, @scott_e_reed @notmisha @NandoDF @ziyuwang and others at DeepMind!

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Alexander Novikov: 1/ Proud to be a part of this work! We train batch RL agents to solve robotic manipulation tasks from pixels on a real robot.

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Misha Denil: Check out our framework for doing large scale Deep RL with a single robot. One of the most exciting projects I've had the pleasure of working on.

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Ankur Handa: and in "A Framework for Data-Driven Robotics" by Cabi et al. Paper:

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