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∇SLAM: Dense SLAM meets Automatic Differentiation


Oct 24 2019 Krishna Murthy

Excited to announce our new work! "gradSLAM: Dense SLAM meets automatic differentiation" We leverage the power of autodiff frameworks to make dense SLAM fully differentiable. Paper: Project page: Video:
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Oct 24 2019 Tomasz Malisiewicz

gradSLAM: Dense SLAM meets Automatic Differentiation. Cool way to unify backends on GPU! One step closer to deep visual slam. #robotics #computervision #deeplearning
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Jan 22 2020 Krishna Murthy

gradSLAM is now an @icra2020 paper. More on this to come! Kudos to the anonymous reviewers for extremely detailed reviews. @duckietown_coo @mautkiungli @MILAMontreal @UMontrealDIRO @CMU_Robotics
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Oct 24 2019 Ankur Handa

Very interesting work from @krrish94 and @duckietown_coo on making the SLAM pipeline fully differentiable. ∇SLAM: Dense SLAM meets automatic differentiation
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Oct 24 2019 Dmytro Mishkin

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Oct 24 2019 Ganesh Iyer

Our work on making dense SLAM fully differentiable to enable dense mapping in learning-based frameworks is out! Check out "gradSLAM: Dense SLAM meets automatic differentiation"! Please note: No ∇ students were harmed in the making of this work :)
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Oct 24 2019 arXiv CS-CV

gradSLAM: Dense SLAM meets Automatic Differentiation
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